Marcus Peck

Game Designer


I am Marcus Peck, a happy game designer from Stockholm, Sweden.

I have always been passionate about games, but it was in high school, where I studied game development, that I found out I enjoyed creating games even more than playing them.

I have studied several different areas of game development: art, programming and design and I enjoy them all. However, now when I have knowledge in all of these areas, I know that it is the designer's role that I want to pursue. And my main goal for the future has never changed. It is to work with amazing people who have the same passion for creating games as I do!

Game Software

      • Unreal Engine
    • Unity
    • Gamemaker Studio
    • LÖVE
    • Tengine

Other Software

      • Twine
      • Maya
      • Mudbox
      • Substance Painter
      • FMOD
      • Tortoise Hg Version Control  
      • Sourcetree
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • After Effects
      • Premiere
      • Microsoft Office

Scripting Languages

      • C++
      • C#
      • LUA
      • GML
      • Visual Scripting

Project Management

    • Scrum
    • Trello

Skill Set



(+46) 70 235 00 75