Marcus Peck

Game Designer


Platform: Windows

Engine: GameMaker Studio

Team size: 1 person

My role:  Solo developer

Development time: Specific time is unknown since the project was not full-time

Genre: Role-playing game

Players: 1 player


Bilbo's Missing Cane is a small role-playing game set in the universe of Tolkien. Here the player takes the role of the wizard Gandalf, in search of a missing cane belonging to his friend Bilbo.

There are several challenges throughout the game. Some can be solved with Gandalf's fire magic, but other can not.


The goal of the game is simple, find Bilbo's cane and bring it back to him.

What I Did

  • Everything

The reason why I created this game was in order to figure out which role I wanted to pursue as a game developer. I therefore decided to work as a solo developer in hopes of exploring every part of the game development process, to figure out which area I enjoyed to work with the most. Not only did I learn a lot from doing so, but I also found out that it was the designer's role that I wanted to pursue!


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