Marcus Peck

Game Designer



What I Did

  • Level Design - Concepted and blocked out the level (as well as another one with different obstacles). 

  • Gameplay Design - Fine-tuned the gameplay design and tweaked it with variables.

  • Game Design - Kept game design dokument, asset breakdown and Trello updated throughout the project. 

  • UI/HUD Design - Designed the UI and HUD so it provided the player with the most crucial information.

  • Project Management - Made sure that my team was on track by having Scrum meetings every morning, as well as normal meetings/discussions whenever it was needed.

  • Quality Assurance - Playtested.

Platform: Windows

Engine: Tengine

Team size: 9 people

My role:  Game Designer

Development time: 9 weeks

Genre: Racing/Brawler

Players: 2-4 Players

Designers: Marcus Peck, Christos Toutounzoglou

Artists: Andreas Huopana, Simon Padellaro, Nicolas Mühlbach, Knut Andersen, Martina Thuresson, Julia Wawrzyniak, Oliver Engelhardt

Programmers: Nur Almarsoomi, Jesper Andreasson

Sound Designers/Composers: John Lundgren, Viktor Blesin

Crit Out! is a cyberpunk TV show featuring deadly hoverbike battles.

Before the game begins the players are located in the "lobby", where they get to try out the controls of the game. The game begins once every player has driven out of the lobby.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to achieve a total of five points, by being the last player standing in five separate rounds. But to achieve that the players need to to keep these three things in mind.

  • All players share the same camera. If a player falls too far behind the first player, then the player has three seconds to get closer or the player will die.
  • The players can to hit each other out of the track or into obstacles.
  • The environment itself may be deadly.


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