Marcus Peck

Game Designer



What I Did

  • Original Concept - Created the game's original concept.
  • Level Design - Concepted and blocked out the level (as well as several other ones).

  • Gameplay Design - Designed the gameplay and tweaked it with variables.

  • Game Design - Created the original game design document, asset breakdown, Trello and kept them updated.

  • UI/HUD Design - Designed the UI and HUD so it provided the player with the most crucial information.

  • Project Management - Made sure that my team was on track by having Scrum meetings every morning, as well as normal meetings/discussions whenever it was needed.

  • Quality Assurance - Playtested.

  • Sound Design - Edited sounds.

Platform: Windows

Engine: Tengine

Team size: 9 people

My role:  Game Designer

Development time: 5 weeks

Genre: Brawler

Players: 2-4 Players

Designers: Marcus Peck, Josefin Martinsson

Artists: Nicolas Mühlbach, Knut-Asbjørn Andersen, Tobias Persson, Louise Lundén, Mohsen Zahmatkesh

Programmers: Nur Almarsoomi, Kristian Timmermand

Aye dwarf, pick up yer hammer. Follow in yer ancestors footsteps and enter tha arena of tha mountain. Tha time has come to fight for yer right to tha title.

“King of tha Mountain”  

Before the game begins the players get to customize their dwarves through choosing between multiple options of colours, helmets, shoulderpads, beards and most importantly hammers. 

Each player starts of with their own hammer equipped. They need to throw their hammer and hit other dwarves in order to score points. Once a player has thrown their hammer they need to retrieve their own hammer or pick up someone else's before they can throw another one.

There also exists power-ups in the form of glowing runes, empowering the hammer of the dwarves that pick them up.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to achieve ten points. Do this and the throne is yours!


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